Watch your driver (including audio), track your vehicle and monitor fuel theft/usage from anywhere in the world.

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The software is designed to do it all for you, and with the easy to use button interface, accessing all the features, is now just a click away. All the trip information can be viewed as a list of events in a spreadsheet format, a series of graphs representing speed and acceleration or as a route on a map.


See the environment around your vehicles with 24hr surveillance, see that vehicles don’t do illegal stops, pick up passengers or offload where they should not. With the ever present possibility of accidents, know where you stand in the event of liability claims.

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Diesel and Petrol sales in South Africa total more than R800million per day. The theft of fuel is a massive industry and this valuable commodity forms part of a system that is costing companies dearly. Most businesses do not know where and when the fuel is being stolen…

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Using the reliable Dallas Tag i-button system you can identify who drove which vehicle and when, During live tracking the current driver will be displayed. Trip reports will also show who drove the vehicle on any particular day so allocating traffic offences becomes possible.

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Worried about your driver and where he is at the moment? Can’t get a hold of him and see your vehicle is parked in a suspicious location? These are things we hear daily. Immobilize the vehicle via SMS until you find out what the cause is of the current situation. Always stay in control of your vehicles

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Cold Storage | Temperature Monitoring & Control: Ensure perishable stock is at the right temperature at all times – Get temperature updates every 25 seconds. Managing and controlling temperatures for large volumes of stock may be challenging at times. Temp allows you to ensure perishable stock is at the right temperature at all times!

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Digit Porti

Digit Porti is a Waterproof IP66 personal tracker suitable for People, Guards, Children, Assets, Pets and also parcels. With its easy to use features and rugged nature, the Porti is equipped with an SOS button. A person using the device is only one click away from calling the programmed numbers for help.

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Who is Digit Vehicle Tracking?

Digit is a proudly South African business in existence for over 12 years. Digit specialises in High-End Fleet Management, and are leaders in Fleet Management Solutions such as Full Tracking and Telematics, Live Diesel Monitoring and on-board camera surveillance systems.

Digit Hardware is predominantly locally designed, manufactured and supported. VSS accredited & recovery approved and accepted by all major insurance companies in South Africa

Digit Highveld is an accredited Digit dealer with more than 7 years’ experience in the Digit Group, and enjoys support nationally from over 100 dealers.

With total fleet solutions to suite any fleet from small to large, we will beat any product price VS performance on the market.

Digit will contribute to your business success by delivering savings well beyond its cost and management effort, and KEEPING YOU IN CONTROL.

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