With the ever present possibility of accidents, know where you stand in the event of liability claims.  Our Cutting Edge Artificial Intelligence Algorithms can notify you AND your driver audibly when:

  • Driver Talking on Cellphone while driving,
  • Driver Distracted,
  • Driver Fatigue,
  • Driver Smoking

See the environment around your vehicles with 24hr surveillance, see that vehicles don’t do illegal stops, pick up passengers or offload where they should not. Live monitoring from anywhere in the world or use the proprietary software to post view and listen to recorded footage on your PC. Coupled with the Digit tracking solution, you can easily find the footage you need instead of looking through hours of recorded data.


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Do you offer rentals for the camera hardware and installation?

Yes we offer rentals subject to a credit check and approval. Rentals have the added benefit of being a 100% tax deductible expense.

How long does the DVR store information for?

Depending on what size SD card you choose to have fitted, how many camera’s you have fitted, and at what frame rate they are set to record at. But on default settings with a 64GB card you can expect 7-10 days of footage.

Can I be notified of G-Force events?

Yes it can, the MDVR has an optional accelerometer. E-mail notifications can be setup on the software to email you when breaking, acceleration and turning parameters are exceeded.

How much data will the system use per month?

The system will only use data when you login to stream live footage. There is no data usage while the vehicle is driving and the MDVR is recording to the SD Card. Data usage is dependent on how often you login to live view but we have found that the average usage per device is 2-3GB per month. We offer 2gb as standard, but we are currently offering a special where we provide you with 5gb of Data per month.

How long will the installation take?

Please do take note that we try and nurture an attitude of such that when we install anything on your vehicle, we will try our best to always leave a vehicle in better condition than what we found it in. We are not fans of rushing an installation but rather to do the installation with delicate hands, with as much care as possible. We will abandon installation if we are rushed or pressured in any manner as this is when things go wrong and installation quality pays a big price.

Depending on how many camera’s need to be installed you can count on the following:

  • Mounting and wiring the M-DVR (1 HOUR)
  • For every camera requiring fitment an additional hour can be added to the timeframe for example if it’s a 4-channel installation it will take MDVR 1 Hour + 4 hours = 5 Hours estimate time of installation.

Can the driver tamper with the camera’s

In short yes, if anybody tries hard enough they can. However, we have had instances more often than not were the driver tampers or tries to block the camera and gets caught on camera in the act!

Is it legal/ethical to install an in cab camera to view the driver/passenger area?

The quick answer is yes. In most vehicles, the in-cab camera is mounted on the windscreen, most trucks have a curtain that closes and blocks the view for privacy purposes. In events where the vehicle does not have a curtain we can switch off all or only certain channels when the ignition is turned off, so the driver knows he has a certain level of privacy in the truck as long as the ignition is turned off. A last option is mounting in-cab cameras at angles that only covers the passenger and seating area and not the rest/bed area in the truck.

Above options will vary from company to company depending on their policies with drivers as to what is allowed and not allowed in their truck. If no such policies exist, a common ground will need to be found between fleet owner and drivers. Installing cameras should be implemented as a positive add on for drivers and not as a “negative enforcement”.

“Mr Driver, we are installing these cameras for your safety and protection such as to prove what a responsible driver you are”. In fact, these cameras have the ability to prove your innocence when you may need it most.

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